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Sponsored Residential Services

What is Sponsored Residential Services?

Sponsored Residential services provides individuals an opportunity to live in a compassionate family setting within the community. Our program carefully assess adult individuals with developmental disability to an approved sponsored residential home. HALOBHID sponsors are fully trained to provide individuals support & training in personal care, daily living skills, and medication management.

Who We Serve

HALOBHID provides sponsored residential services to Adults ages 18 and above with a primary diagnosis of developmental disability or a dual diagnosis of developmental disabilities and mental illness. Disabilities may include autism, Down syndrome, fragile X syndrome, or cerebral palsy. Services provided to individual are fund through the Community Waiver

HALOBHID insures individuals being served are supported and included in:

  • Assistance with personal care and daily living
  • Behavior intervention
  • Care and compassion
  • Medical and health care coordination
  • Community access
  • Leisure activities
  • Emotional support

Placement Process

Potential sponsored home are required to meet the obligation of HALOBHID and Department of of Behavioral Health & Developmental Services (DBHDS) regulations. HALOBHID provides all Sponsored Residential homes support from our management team. Supports consist of training, supervisions, case management of the individual being served. Potential sponsors will be required to bring on a Back-up to provide assistance within their home. Sponsors are welcome to bring on as many back-ups to assist them. Back-up to must meet the requirement of HALOBHID and DBHDS regulations

For individuals in need of placement must have a primary diagnosis of developmental disability / intellectual disability, ID/DD Waiver, and able to be served behaviorally in a safe manner and medically. HALOBHID requires individuals be assessed face to face, and take part in a weekend stay with a prospective sponsored home(s). From there the individual and/or their family member(s) can make a decision.

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