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We believe:

  • In the importance of valued roles and relationships – we all need a place to belong, people who love and care about us and meaningful roles in our life.

  • That much of what is good in life is not in the currency of money and that funding does not automatically lead to improved life outcomes for people.

  • That the role of paid support is to create opportunities to assist people to build lives of meaning and connection.

  • In creating not waiting – there is no time like the present to secure the future (not when the system is fixed or when more resources are available).

We can help

HALOBHID Services, Inc. residential treatment serves adults with developmental disabilities to be valued members of their community. The program is incorporated with the State of Virginia and licensed with the Department of Behavioral Health and Developmental Services (DBHDS). HALOBHID intends to serve individuals who are diagnosed with developmental disabilities as the primary diagnosis and mental illness as the secondary diagnosis.

HALOBHID program is based on the values that everyone deserves and needs to belong, to be loved, to be treated with dignity and respect, to be self-directing, and to be recognized for their inherent values as a unique person. Another guiding value is the right of persons with disabilities to be a part of the community, with the same opportunities, responsibilities, and quality of life as available to all citizens.