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Residential Services Services

HALOBHID Services, Inc. envisions that individuals who participate in its programs should be provided with quality resources to enhance their daily lives, through the following objectives:

  • •To provide training and support to strengthen community-based living.
  • •To facilitate community relationships through various methods of advocacy on a one-to-one basis.
  • •To empower individuals to realize personal freedoms, rights and responsibilities.
  • •To encourage development through individualized service plans which emphasize choices and interests.
  • •To monitor health, physical well- being, assist with transportation and activities of daily living.

Residential Activities

  • •Training in adapting behavior for home and community environments.
  • •Specialized supervision to ensure individuals health and safety.
  • •Provides staff presence for on-going or intermittent intervention to maintain consistent services.
  • •Provide support and assistance for community resources to promote independence.
  • Interventions offered

    Complete individual assessment and evaluation to determine

    • •health condition
    • •problem solving skills
    • •community safety
    • •community resources
    • •behaviors
    • •social skills
    • •preallocation abilities
    • •money management skills
    • •strengths
    • •interests

    Current resources as well as any barriers that serve as a deficit to the individuals progress. Providing support and assistance on a 24 hour basis with a staffing ratio of 1:4 or 1:1 as needed. Coordination with outside resources as needed and requested by the individual, to include health care services, residential services, mental health services, social services, housing resources.

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